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Vitrified Tile: A Smart Alternative to Marble Tiles

Flooring is a vital part of any space and renovating existing floors with new styles and materials also matters the most. There are lots of natural and manmade tile products available for sale in the competitive market. Choosing vitrified tiles over the marble tiles can make a big difference. With the surfeit of options available in the market, consumers have better chances to choose from the best available flooring materials. With lots of popular tile brands around, consumers still face challenges in choosing the right stone type between a vitrified time and a marble tile. This content puts light on a few tips that are vital to know which tile type is good for flooring projects.

Common types of vitrified tiles for flooring options

In the last decade, manmade tiles have become the first choice of homeowners looking for economical ways to have durable and performing tiles. These days, vitrified tiles are emerging as a big alternative to marble tile products. Primarily, there are four types of vitrified tiles. Find out here these types and features of tile products.

Soluble salt vitrified tiles

  • Nano polished tiles
  • Printed with screen printing technology

Double charge (DC) vitrified tiles

  • Thicker than other types of tiles
  • Good for heavy traffic commercial projects
  • No complex patterns with a long-wearing tile surface
  • Long-life tiles with 3-4 mm thickness

Full body vitrified tiles

  • Costlier than other tile types
  • Good for commercial projects
  • An ideal choice for high traffic zones
  • Less noticeable chips and scratches
  • Long-life tiles with 3-4 mm thickness
  • Made with the paint mixture

Glazed vitrified tile

  • A glazed surface with design varieties
  • Good for making any type of design/artwork
  • New digital printing techniques make this tile less costly
  • Textures (Bamboo, wooden, slate, stonelike)


Vitrified Flooring Tiles are Better than Marble

Without a doubt, vitrified tiles are seen as the modern-day substitute for marble. As far as the flooring options are concerned, a vitrified tile offers a glossy surface for having luxurious floors. Made by hydraulic pressing of clay and other minerals, these tiles are feature-rich. The following are some prime aspects showing why stylish vitrified tiles are quickly becoming an informal substitute for marble. These include:

  • Low porosity, scratch, water and frost resistance
  • Durable, performing, glasslike, shiny surface
  • Big range of colors, designs, textures, and prints
  • Superb and versatile design elements like natural stone
  • Extremely durable with a lifespan of up to 20-25 years
  • Marble is more porous than vitrified tiles
  • Stain-resistant and easy to maintain
  • Superb flooring option for the most luxurious interiors

With the above-mentioned facts, it is easy to say that vitrified tiles are a better option over natural marble that are costly and add burden to pockets.

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