We “Regatta Tiles” are one of the largest exporters of ceramic, porcelain/vitrified tiles along with natural marbles and granites in India. With our precise work and delivering just the best for which our packaging says it all, we are happily and successfully exporting to more than 60 countries to our happy clients. We at Regatta strive to deliver quality products and services to our customers. Our team of experts work around the clock to ensure that the quality of our product is never compromised. Our vision lays the platform for innovation and your feedback serves as proving grounds for us to re-create excellence on new terms.

In order to cater to the specific needs of our customers, we keep various categories of tiles, which are for flooring, wall, parking/outdoor and exterior elevation. We aim to cater to the vast needs of our global customers. All of our tiles are crafted with intense care using state-of-the-art technology to ensure that we live up to the expectations of our buyers.

The trending tiles collection at Regatta is eye-catching and can easily give a special look to your place. Choose from trending tile designs to transform the look of your place. These tiles are available in a variety of colours and textures. Light-coloured tiles can be creatively clubbed with dark-coloured or patterned or designer tiles to create a highlighting effect in parts of the room. Remember that light colours such as white, cream and beige can make any place appear more spacious, while dark colours such as dark grey, brown, blue and black can give a bold and classy look to any place.

Our mesmerizing range of designer bathroom & kitchen floor and wall tiles have a luxurious appeal. The premier collection is a showstopper and has the ability to make any dimension look grand. The matt finish tiles for walls and flooring from our collection fit perfectly with modern-day designs while our rustic wall tiles blend easily with every surrounding.

What makes Regatta a relevant and trusted tiles exporter in India today is its dynamic capability to evolve with changing décor aesthetics over the years. It understands its consumers, and in return, its patrons trust Regatta to offer the best tiles products across the globe. Whether it’s style, quality or top of the world service, Regatta’s determined pursuit of delivering excellence has placed the company in a different league.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the vision of our Managing Director Mr. Sundeep Gandotra, who laid the groundwork for the company’s long-lasting success. He believed in staying ahead of his time and keeping customers happy with a precise working environment and delivering just the best. With his vision, the Indian tiles exporter is heading towards an exciting phase of expansion and growth.

The best part about buying tiles from Regatta is that you can get what you want because of the wide range of designs and patterns available for both floors and walls. Moreover, there are trending series that are released every now and then to add to the customer choice bouquet. Some of the series that are very popular at Regatta are Gloss, High Gloss, Matt, Metallic, Carving, Sugar, Digital & Rustic tiles. Our floor tiles designs are made with special technology that makes them strong and stylish. Different types of tiles are made through distinct processes that involve mixing and blending several raw materials, pressing, glazing, and firing.

The most common raw materials used in their preparation are clay, silica, quartz feldspar, and pottery stone. The wooden floor tiles from our collection bring you closer to nature with their realistic finish. We promise to leave you in awe with our range of tiles. Being one of India’s top exporters of tiles, our motto is to keep fulfilling your appetite for style & aesthetics with innovation.

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