Whenever it comes to transforming the look of a space like nothing else, sugar finish tiles emerge as the best choice among architects. To get a truly premium and suave look, most architects prefer sugar finish tiles that boast a distinctive grainy surface. This surface carries an amazing captivating power that lends a stupendous look to any space. In addition, these tiles have great resistance to various elements that make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Being a leading sugar finish tiles exporter from India, we, at Regatta Tiles, provide high-quality tiles to our overseas buyers in different colors, sizes, and patterns. Our sugar finish tiles are made using superior quality material, these tiles exhibit superb performance in different weather settings.

Over the years, we have worked with numerous architects, construction contractors, builders, tile importers, and even homeowners across the world and delivered a wide range of sugar finish tiles in a reliable and satisfactory manner. Our years of expertise in natural stone manufacturing and exports lend us a winning edge in the industry as we provide a huge variety of tiles for various architectural projects.

At Regatta Tiles, we boast a wider assortment of sugar finish tiles that come in different colors, sizes, finishes, and materials. In order to deliver unrivaled value to our B2B tile buyers, we make sure that every tile piece is delivered quickly and without any damage.  Be it any project of any size, Regatta Tiles emerges as your most trusted partner in getting beautiful and tougher tiles. Our strong-minded focus on product quality makes us away ahead of our competitors.

Our collection of outdoor parking tiles features various series including PUNCH, WOODEN, MOROCCAN, and PLAIN of size 400 x 400. It simply means we have a versatile collection of outdoor parking tiles that can be used to match the varied needs of the construction projects. All our tiles are manufactured using industry-leading technology which ensures a high level of finish and sturdiness. These parking tiles are made to withstand heavy loads without getting cracked or chipped. Moreover, the color and design patterns imprinted on them are designed to last for years.

Choose from a wide range of colors like brown, black, grey, multicolored, and more, we have a great variety of sugar finish tiles that can be the best fit for any residential or commercial project. The main purpose behind offering such a wide range of colors is to help our clients choose a perfect tile irrespective of their project.

Being one of the leading sugar finish tile exporters from India, Regatta Tiles exports unmatched quality tiles to almost every part of the world including countries like the USA, UK, Europe, UAE, Australia, and others. It is our solid commitment to delivering great quality products to our clients that keeps us ensuring superior levels of client satisfaction.

In order to provide the best-in-class sugar finish tiles, we strive to refresh our tiles collection regularly by introducing new tile designs in multiple colors and designs. Our floor tile products exhibit a perfect combination of our multiple years of domain expertise and high level of commitment. Our fabulous countrywide network allows us to source great quality tiles for our clients who want astounding quality tiles at the most competitive rates.

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