As their name implies, square tiles have sides of equal length. These tiles have become exceptionally popular all over the world due to their looks and easy measurement. At Regatta Tiles, we boast a wide collection of square tiles that are made using superior-quality materials and techniques. This makes these tiles exceptionally sturdier and lasting.

Irrespective of the construction project, our square tiles are designed to give your décor a decent and stylish finish without requiring heavy maintenance. Our square tiles come in diverse colors, prints, and finishes. So, whether you are looking to use them in bathrooms, kitchens, or anywhere else, you can get them right here.

We are really proud to provide a large selection of products, excellent services, and high standards of quality. Our rapid after-sales service and on-time delivery are, in our opinion, our USPs. The positive comments we receive from our devoted clients motivate us to keep going and provide even better services without compromising quality.

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