The most sought-after avenue to get 600 x 1200 mm tiles

In any construction project, the use of ceramic tiles has become the norm. Be it a commercial construction or residential one, tiles are being used extensively, from flooring to walls, and other areas of the property. These are many pluses that make tiles a versatile and durable surface covering solution worldwide. However, in order to get the desired results, it is necessary to choose the right size of tiles. Though tiles come in diverse sizes and thicknesses, one popular size is 600 x 1200 tiles.

At Regatta Tiles, we provide a wide range of 600 x 1200 mm tiles in different materials like ceramic, porcelain, vitrified, digital,and others. All our tiles are made using advanced manufacturing practices which ensure that they can withstand all types of conditions like heavy footfall, extreme temperature, frost, and water. With us, you can rest assured about getting great quality tiles that are accurate in size and exhibit superior weathering capabilities for longer years.

Being a leading tiles exporter from India, Regatta Tiles offers a wide range of 600 x 1200 mm tiles in different finishes like matte, glossy, high gloss, sugar, satin, plain, high depth, rustic, carving, and many more. Similarly, these tiles come in different patterns like floral, plain, square, fish, circle, horizontal lines, vertical lines, and others.

We are driven by a strong passion to deliver outstanding quality products to our tile buyers which helps them in getting the tiles of their choice at the most competitive rates. Since our inception, we have been offering great quality 600 x 1200 mm tiles to architects, construction contractors, builders, and homeowners worldwide. Backed by over 2 decades of global expertise in manufacturing and delivery of different types of natural stones, we, at Regatta Tiles, don’t leave a single unturned to meet any kind of tile-related needs of our clients.

If you have a specific requirement of 600 x 1200 mm tiles in diverse colors, designs, and patterns, Regatta Tiles is one name you can always count on. We have the necessary expertise, skills, industry know-how and workforce to execute any order quickly, reasonably, and proficiently. Our customized and personalized approach to every consignment we work on gives us an unparalleled edge in the industry and helps our buyers in getting the desired products easily.

Our proficiency in meeting tile requirements of any type and material has no match the industry and this is what makes us counted among the leading tile exporters in India.

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