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Renovating Your Bathrooms with Ceramic Tiles

If you are thinking of redesigning your bathrooms or planning to give it a refined look, then ceramic tiles can certainly be a great option, especially when you are highly perplexed about how and from where to begin. Though a bathroom seems to be an extremely small to be considered for a makeover; ceramic tiles, if thoughtfully chosen, can dramatically change the looks of such tiny spaces.

You can easily get ceramic tiles at a highly reasonable price and even without compromising on quality from Regatta Tiles, a sister concern of the globally reputed Regatta Universal Exports, a 17-year-old manufacturer and exporter of natural stones. Regatta Tiles is one-stop destination for you to buy an eclectic range of porcelain, vitrified and porcelain tiles as well as engineered marble and quartz. Being a leading ceramic tile exporter and supplier from India, Regatta Tiles offers you high-quality products; whether you need to accentuate your walls, floors or for any other purpose.

Coming back to the bathroom, or more precisely, bathroom renovation, ceramic tiles is just the right choice for you. It gives you the advantages of natural stones without being much pricey like stones. Ceramic tiles are durable, long-lasting, and come in a bevy of shades, design patterns, and sizes; thus, allowing you to put as much creativity as you can during the renovation work. Below given are several wonderful tips that can help you to transform your bathroom in the most stylish way.

  1. Choose Light-Colored and Large Ceramic Tiles: Light-colored or neutral-shade ceramic tiles are best suited for small spaces like bathrooms. This is because it makes the bathroom to appear larger than its actual size. Larger ceramic tiles also give the same effect. It tricks your mind and eye to sense that the bathroom is pretty spacious. As per your choice, you can use various shades, colors or different tones of the same color to add a decorative touch to your bathroom.
  2. Use Bright Ceramic Tiles: Once done with the flooring, choose bright ceramic tiles for bathroom walls. Ceramic tiles in shades of grey are not just popular, but also make the ambience of your bathroom soothing and calm. In case you don’t want to go with grey tiles, you can choose tiles in light sea glass tones. Keeping the appearance of walls monochromatic can automatically make the bathroom to appear more spacious.
  3. Tiles from Ceiling to Floor: This is another way to give a unique look to your bathroom. Choosing similar tiles right from the floor to ceiling can add some depth to the bathrooms and also, allow it to appear spacious. Moreover, this pattern would impart a more blended and streamlined look to the bathroom. Nevertheless, you can choose varied patterns of tiles for walls and floor. For instance, while using diagonal-pattern tiles for floor, you can install horizontal-pattern tiles on the walls.
  4. Creating the Mirror Effect: Placing a large mirror just above the sink is another way to boost the looks of your bathroom. By doing this, you actually allow the mirror, set on a spick and span wall, to capture and reflect all the light, which eventually, would again make the space to appear bigger.

No matter what is the size of your bathroom, the most convenient way to make a small bathroom look bigger is to select a right compact design. And, when it comes to compact designs, ceramic tiles give you innumerable options to chose from as well as offer you countless opportunities to show up your creativity to design your bathroom exactly the way you want. Ceramic tiles are available in myriads of shades, designs and patterns that make it easy for you make some great choices for your bathroom design and decoration. Selecting a right ceramic tile combination for your bathroom would definitely reflect you personality and at the same time, bring some words of praise to you.

So, why to restrict your imagination when it comes to a small space like bathroom?! With a dash of creativity and choosing the right ceramic tile, you can easily make your tiny bathroom aesthetically appealing, luxurious and functional as well.

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