Carving Finish Tiles – Redefine Your Space

Regatta Tiles is a leading supplier and exporter of carving finish tiles to different countries including the USA, UK, Australia, UAE, and others. We are primarily known for our unmatched quality products that are made using high-end machinery. Our motto is simple – to deliver best-in-class tiles at the most competitive rates.

In today’s dynamic home décor sector, carving finish is extremely popular in both residential and commercial settings. This carving finish captures the essence of nature with a great stone design and lends a positive outlook to any space. At present, carving finish tiles are largely used in restaurants, offices, shopping complexes, airports, community halls, educational institutions, and others. These tiles are known to be both stylish and durable even when installed in a place with heavy footfall.

Besides design and color, its stain-resistance, scratch-resistant, and easy maintenance feature make the carving effect more lucrative to architects and homeowners. The easy and urbane look will make people spend more time in their abode and invite a sense of calmness into their lives.

At Regatta Tiles, we supply high-quality carving finish tiles that guarantee a stupendous look to the overall setting when installed. We are backed by years of natural stone expertise and enjoy a solid reputation in the natural stone export industry. Our name is synonymous with impeccable product quality, outstanding customer service, a wide variety of colors and designs, and competitive pricing.

Being a leading carving finish tiles exporter from India, Regatta Tiles promises to supply carving finish tiles in a diverse range of colors and patterns. This enables our tile buyers to match the exact specification of the tiling project without any hassle. Be it any requirement of any type and scale, we are able to meet the same in a remarkable and satisfactory manner.

Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of construction contractors, architects, home décor experts, and others and helped them choose from a wide variety of high-quality products. Our foremost objective is to deliver matchless value to our clients which helps them in obtaining the best value out of their projects.

All our carving finish tiles are manufactured under a globally-accepted quality framework which gives our tile buyers a kind of assurance that they are getting the best quality matte finish tiles. We don’t leave a single stone unturned to delight our clients with the quality of our products.

Be its surface finish, base element, colors, and longevity, our matte finish tiles are made to come p as the best performer in each & every aspect. Whatever design, color, or pattern you want, our wider collection of products ensures that you get the product you want. It is our unwavering passion for ensuring unmatched quality which keeps us riding the wave of success.

We also provide tiles in other surface finishes too like Glossy, High Gloss, Matte, Glossy, Wood, Metallic, Plain, Punch, Sugar, Moroccan, and others.

At Regatta Tiles, we are always driven by a strong belief that it is the unmatched quality of our tiles that makes us stand out amidst the hard competition. That’s why we go to any extent to remain on top of that, regardless of the product we offer. In addition, our carving finish tiles are prepared using highly advanced technology which helps us to exceed our clients’ expectations.

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