As their name implies, the 3D print tiles create a 3-dimensional look on the surface. Whenever it comes to giving a wow factor to any area, 3D finish times emerge as the most perfect solution. 3D floor and wall tiles have turned progressively common in recent times a creative way to add a modern, trendy element to any space.

3D finish tiles for the room are made of tempered glass, with a three-dimensional picture engrossed on them. These 3D tiles are manufactured utilizing microlens technology, which lends a genuine image. It looks like you can nearly touch the real design or graphic; 3D is extremely realistic.

Being a leading 3D finish tiles exporter and supplier from India, we, provide global buyers with a wide collection of high-quality tiles that are made from superior quality materials and for different spaces.

3D floor tiles are known to give any space a sleek and stylish look, whether it’s a commercial or residential one. The most widely preferred 3D tile designs at present are flowers, beaches, abstract, hills, geometric, and so on. Our 3D floor tiles are reasonably priced and come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and materials.

Our strong and expansive network of 3D finish tile manufacturers allows us to source premium quality tiles for our clients in a quicker manner. This way, we strive to deliver unmatched value to our client’s requirements. So, if you are looking for a reliable 3D finish tiles supplier, Regatta Tiles should be your preferred choice.

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