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Ceramic Tile Features and Consumer Expectations

In the last decade, ceramic tile manufacturing has witnessed a big change. There is huge difference between the traditional and modern ceramic tiles. Modern tiles made of ceramic materials are highly innovative. Thanks to current manufacturing processes that yield top quality and productivity. With state-of-the-art technology and automated machines, ceramic tile companies match global tile standards and overcome the expectations of consumers in a professional way. There are some traditional tile grades used to market tile products. These tile grades include first quality, standard, second quality, commercial quality and single quality. This content shares you interesting features of ceramic tiles that are indispensable for giving consumes a practical and performing tile product.

Three levels of ceramic tile features

When it comes to offering quality products and match the changing needs of ceramic tile buyers, tile manufacturing companies have to look at various factors which define customer expectations vehemently. From technical requirements to product standard and from industrial production to product use, there are lot of features that play a vital role in making a balanced purchase decision. The following are ceramic tile levels which are vital to match customer expectations

Characteristics prior to use

These are perceivable features that all ceramic tile consumers like to check before making an actual purchase. These features are really crucial and decisive for the purchase. These include:
• Dimensions – Shape and size.
• Surface appearance – Color, roughness, gloss, design, and friction.

Characteristics relating to fixing and storage

Apart from pre-purchase and use, there are also some features related to the storage and fixing of ceramic tiles that a consumer will like to know about. These are vital and substantial for the tile fixer and/or retailer. Note that these features are not significant for the final user. These include:
• Ease of handling – Weight, shape, size, packaging, and thickness.
• Fixing yield – Shape and combinability.
• Bonding to backdrop
• Stability in storage – curvature and crazing.

Service characteristics

These perceivable features are meant for the final user. A consumer will not be able to judge these features during the time of purchase. You can also call these characteristics as unknown. These are vital for bringing the best out of stylish ceramic tiles installed at home or office. These include:
• Impaired appearance – Breaking, flaking, crazing, dirt retention, color change, gloss change, and surface friction.
• Safety – Fractures, injuries, slippery surface, and harmful element release.
• Hygiene or disinfection – Adhesion, porosity, and possible release of dust.

If any tile making company ignores these factors, it will fail to win the confidence of tile consumers. There should be a perfect balance between the actual needs of the consumers and production of utility tiles by tile making companies.

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