Blue is largely considered a primary color across all patterns of color space. It is the color of the ocean and the sky; it sometimes symbolizes serenity, steadiness, stimulus, knowledge, or health. It can be a soothing shade and represent dependability.

For long years, blue tiles have been employed as a typical décor element in areas that ask for a remarkable setting. Our blue color tiles have an inherent ability to reproduce light, making the space bright and cheerful.

Regatta Tiles is a leading blue tiles exporter from India and offers a great collection of blue tiles in varying sizes, materials, finishes, and textures. With Regatta Tiles, you can stay confident about getting superior quality tiles for nearly every type of construction project you are managing.

Our white tiles not just give a premium look to the space but also make it resistant to various adverse elements like high temperature, cold, stains, and typical wear and tear. Prepared from hard-wearing materials, these tiles also make any space look roomy and remarkable.

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