In the home décor industry, black color has its own significance. It is mainly used to signify power, life, strength, authority, love, and religious inclination. Being a leading tiles supplier and exporter from India, Regatta Tiles offers an impressive range of black color tiles.

Backed by over 2 decades of expertise in natural stone manufacturing and exports, we, at Regatta Tiles, aspire to make B2B tile buying easier, faster, and secure. Our wide and versatile collection of black color tiles allows architects and homeowners to choose from a wide range of tiles from India at the most competitive rates.

It is our constant endeavor to offer unmatched value to our clients that helps us meet the specific requirements of B2B tile buyers globally. From the initial tile search to meeting the specification, packing, and delivery, we ensure that every tile product inquiry we get is managed in a reliable and sensible fashion.

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