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Why Vitrified Tiles are the Best for Your Patio

Making your patio beautiful enough to attraction everyone’s attention is not an easy task and this becomes more challenging when you are looking for a long-term investment. Unlike other construction projects, a couple of additional points need to be considered while designing an outdoor patio. Factors like what would stay or come beneath the patio floor as well as the climate of the region should be kept in mind in addition to other aesthetic and functionality features.

Use of inappropriate material for flooring and unbefitting installation might lead to cracks in the floor tiles within a season. It is therefore necessary to choose the right outdoor flooring material only after considering the age of your property and concrete, and the place where you live. Vitrified tile is one such material that is pretty strong, durable and can easily resist any weather condition.

For any outdoor installation, including patio flooring, weather is one the crucial factors that cannot be missed at any cost. Any material can be used in places that remain warm all across the year and frost conditions never occur. However, if you reside in a place that is relatively cold and prone to frost heaves your choice becomes very limited with the only best option being vitrified tiles.

In general, most tiles absorb large amount of water, which in turn may crack within a short span of time. However, on the contrary, vitrified tiles have very low water absorption rate; probably due to their unique way of manufacturing. In fact, vitrified tiles are the densest and most durable tiles in the market. These tiles are made by heavily compressing clay dust inside a mould prior to the firing phase with no involvement of water at any stage of manufacturing. The whole process makes them extremely non-porous and this feature contributes to its suitability for outdoor applications like patio flooring.

Since vitrified tile is a man-made material, it can be made to mimic the looks of natural stones like granite, slate or marble. In addition to this, vitrified tiles are available in innumerable designs, styles, textures and shades with a number of manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of vitrified tiles from India that offers these tiles at very competent prices. Hence, you can choose the best suited vitrified tiles to design your patio in the most creative way.
In addition to above discussed features, vitrified tiles come with several unique advantages. They are resistant to discoloration and stains, discourage microbial growth and don’t attract dust and allergens. For these reasons, vitrified tiles are easy to clean and have low cost of maintenance. Those, who want their patio floor to be more smooth and shiny, can opt for glazed vitrified tiles.

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