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Unique Engineered Stone Types for Style and Perfection

Natural stone has been a popular construction material for accomplishing flooring, countertop, and vanity top projects in all parts of the world. From benchtops to wall cladding and outdoor flooring to splashbacks, natural stone is widely used in residential and commercial projects. But, marble and granite are costly and add burden to pockets. So, homeowners prefer to look for a more cost-effective alternative to natural stone that is pocket-friendly. That is why engineered stone makes a big difference. Engineered stone also stuns all with an assortment of styles, patterns, and colors. Read the content ahead and find out what are the most common engineered stone types available in the Indian stone market.

Available alternatives to expensive natural stones

As its name suggests, engineered stone is a manufactured stone. Let’s take a closer look at some of the options. There are lots of manmade stone options available in the market. Both B2B and B2C buyers can buy engineered stone products in bulk or as per their changing needs. The following are some of the prime engineered stone products shown below with their unique selling features and attractions. These include:


  • Hard substance by nature
  • Highly durable and scratch and stain resistant
  • Ideal option for kitchen benchtops
  • Made up 95% quartz particles and 5% polymer resins and colors
  • Popular alternative to marble and granite


  • Available in various colors with extraordinary textures
  • Ideal option for kitchen benchtops
  • Impervious to staining, acids, and scratches
  • Made of 94% quartz and other compromising materials
  • Very hard and resilient

Quantum Quartz

  • 7% bonding agents and pigments
  • 93% natural quartz
  • First choice of home designers
  • Good for flooring in the form of tiles
  • Ideal for bathrooms and kitchen benchtops
  • Low maintenance and ultra-hygienic


  • Hard, durable, and performing
  • Invulnerable to heat, staining, and chemicals
  • Low maintenance finish with varied colors
  • Made from 95% natural quartz
  • Non-porous and homogenous
  • Resistant to scratches and knocks


  • Highly resistant to heat, staining, and chemicals
  • Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens
  • Made up of 93% quartz, and other binding agent and pigments
  • The most natural-looking surfaces
  • Veined surfaces made using advanced technology

There are some ceramic tile companies that sell and supply engineered quartz and marble slab products. When it comes to buying, B2B buyers can opt for the following engineered quartz options: slab size (320 cm x 160 cm up or 3200×1600 mm; slab thickness (2 cm and 3 cm); and slab finish (polished finish). The company also offers engineered marble slabs in the size of 305 cm x 122 cm or 1220x3050mm; slab thickness (2cm and 3cm), and slab finish (polished).

Such companies make engineered marble and quartz countertops only on order.

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