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Why One Should Choose Wood Tiles for Flooring

Ceramic or porcelain wood tile flooring has become one of hottest trends in the tile flooring industry and its popularity has grown manifold in the recent years. With the advent of technology and developments in the tile manufacturing processes, porcelain tiles are now made to imitate wooden texture and appearance that are being extensively used in interior designing projects across the world, especially for flooring applications. Apart from conventional sizes, these tiles are now manufactured in different sizes and designs to copy the looks of almost all possible wooden patterns and textures.

Ceramic or porcelain wood tiles are usually cheaper than many natural stones, but their price vary a lot on the basis of their quality and place of manufacturing. Regatta Tiles, a leading manufacturer and exporter of ceramic and porcelain wood tiles from India, offers quality wood floor tiles at highly competitive prices. Additionally, it ensures dedicated customer service, safe packaging and transportation, and on time delivery of products in any part of the world.

Though porcelain wood tiles look exactly like wood planks, they are way more advantageous than real wood in terms of strength, durability and resistance to various elements and this factor primarily contributes to its immense popularity for interior flooring.

What is Wood Tile Flooring?

A porcelain or ceramic wood tile is nothing, but simple porcelain tile, which appears to be a plank of wood because of their wood-like texture and design on its surface. When laid on floors, these tiles give the impression of wooden flooring. In fact, they look so similar with naked eyes that it is practically impossible to indentify whether they are real wood or porcelain until you touch them. Thanks to the advancements in the tile manufacturing industry that have led to the production of porcelain tiles with more detailing and exact wood-like looks. In fact, the detailing on the tile surface is so intricate that it simply gives the feel of some hand-scraped wooden floors.

Advantages of Wood Tile Flooring

Just like other ceramic or porcelain tiles, wood floor tiles are manufactured with a prime focus on functionality and longevity. This makes these tiles suitable for both home and office use, and are known to be extensively used in large residential as well as commercial projects worldwide. It has several major advantages over real wood planks or flooring that can be credited for its widespread popularity. Unlike wood, ceramic or porcelain wood tile can be freely used for flooring in areas like kitchens and bathrooms that are likely to get wet more frequently. Moreover, they are resistant to scratches and stains and this makes them easy to clean and maintain.

Wood tiles are very tough and strong and hence considered suitable for nearly every type of floor designs and can be used for a bevy of other applications as well. With unique designs patterns and numerous sizes and shapes of wood tiles, you can be creative enough to accentuate your walls with them for an idyllic and nature-inspired interior décor.

Whether you are looking to create a classy or minimalist décor, wood tiles would never disappoint you. Instead, these tiles offer innumerable options to be as creative as you can while designing the interiors of your home. On top of that, easy maintenance, high performance and long life come as added advantages with wood tiles.

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