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Why Ceramic Tiles are Best for Floors and Walls

Usually considered as a one-time investment, ceramic tile is easy to care and clean with low cost of maintenance. It is quite a popular construction and architectural designing material both for offices and homes. It can be used in any part of the home, be it kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom. It is environmental friendly, doesn’t attract dust, reduces allergens, discourages microbial growth and when installed, it significantly raises the value of the home. For all these reasons, it is considered the smartest choice for flooring and wall covering applications. Its availability in different sizes, designs, styles, textures, finishes and shapes allows you to design your dream wall or floor in so many ways.

Further discussed are several advantages of ceramic tiles that make them best for flooring and wall applications:


1. Eco-Friendly: Manufactured using raw materials, sand, clay and glass that are mixed with different recycled materials, ceramic tiles are environmental friendly and can be easily recycled. It further helps in energy reduction by keeping the interiors cooler during summers. Moreover, ceramic wall tiles have some insulating properties that keep the home interiors relatively warm during winters.
2. Low-Cost and Easy Maintenance: From general care to sealing (optional), they are very easy to care and protect. Additionally, ceramic tiles require no extra maintenance.
3. Easy Cleaning: Cleaning is very effortless with ceramic tiles. For dust and debris, you just need to sweep or mop the surface and for a spill, simply wipe it off with a clean cloth. It is therefore, they are considered perfect for kitchen floors. In case the grout between becomes dirty, simply clean it with a specialized grout cleaner available in the market.
4. Low Cost: Ceramic tiles are very budget friendly, when compared to other flooring and wall cladding materials. However, the cost still depends on your choice of tile. The more expensive the tile, the more will be the project expense. Likewise, the more detailed the design, the more will be the project cost.

5. A Wide Range of Designs and Styles: To be true, there is no limit with respect to design, color, style and texture of ceramic tiles. They are available in so many designs and styles that can be wisely chosen to creatively adorn your interior spaces exactly the way to want.
6. Allergens and Dust Reduction: Another prominent reason that adds to the popularity of ceramic tile is that it doesn’t attract mites, dust and allergens. It also discourages microbial growth. Homes with ceramic tile installations usually have less dust particles in the air and less allergens all around the property. This comes as an additional benefit to those, who are suffering from dust-based allergies.
7. Boost the Value of Home: Needless to say, a home that has been beautifully decorated with designer ceramic tiles is sure to make the home very appealing by looks and this would eventually raise the value of the property and assure you of good returns on sale.

The above discussion testifies that ceramic tile is a wonderful option for both flooring and wall covering inside home or even offices. In case you are looking for ceramic tiles at affordable prices, you can contact Regatta Tiles, which is a leading ceramic tile supplier and exporter from India.

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